Welcome to the 2023 Adrian Awards judging site.
In accordance with privacy policy requirements, registration/application is necessary for all judges, both new and returning, in the 2023 HSMAI Adrian Awards.  Please click the REGISTER button (top right) to set up your account and enter a password.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirming your username and password.  You will also receive notification from HSMAI following your assignment to a judging team or teams.  This will happen in early September. You may then begin judging entries as of September 10th by clicking LOGIN and entering the judging site.

Please note if you attempt to login prior to September 10th you will see a message saying YOU ARE NOT APPROVED. That simply means you are not approved to enter the platform to begin judging.  It does not mean you are not approved to be a judge.

If you have judged before, you will notice there are a few additional required fields to complete your 2023 profile.  Thank you for your attention to those fields.

By registering at this site, applicants agree they meet the following criteria:

  • At least eight years of hospitality, travel, or tourism marketing or specific media experience in advertising, public relations, electronic media, publishing, travel writing, destination, or product marketing.
  • Aptitude for current trends in marketing.
  • Ability to be objective and adhere to the judging rules set forth by HSMAI.
  • Capacity to hold to a commitment of confidentiality regarding the work and results viewed during judging, and results of judging.
  •  Desire to contribute to your profession by providing constructive feedback.
  • Access to high-speed Internet service.
  • Integrity not to judge categories in which your firm or client has entered.
  • Time and commitment to judge at least 40 entries online by October 18, 2023.  This will be a time commitment of about 4 to 6 hours.

Click the REGISTER button above to complete the application/profile to judge the 2023 Adrian Awards.

Thank you for helping us with this very important part of the Adrian Awards!


 For questions or assistance, contact ellen.wilson@hsmai.org.